#5: SLU Soccer Game

St. Louis University is well know for its soccer program, which has won 10 national championships! Because SLU does not have a football team, the soccer team has been their biggest sport (although basketball may have overtaken it recently due to their success). In fact, SLU’s homecoming is at a soccer game. I went to a Wednesday night game against #4 Creighton. SLU was ranked #22. The soccer stadium is located right next to the student center and was well attended by both students and outsiders, especially for a Wednesday night-the total attendance was over 3,000 people. Tickets were purchased on the spot and cost $10. Additionally, SLU was giving out free vuvuzelas as a promotion. While, free vuvuzelas seemed like a good idea, it turned out to be horrible as lots of little children played the vuvuzelas the whole game, which was pretty annoying.

Vuvuzela + youth soccer team = trouble
Vuvuzela + youth soccer team = trouble

The game itself was very well played, as both teams are very strong. SLU ended up winning 1-0 with a goal scored in the 70th minute! St. Louis is surprisingly one of the biggest soccer cities in America and it is really cool to see that in person.

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